Any plans to bring back the 1-year pro license for Carbide Create?

As someone who is new to both the CNC and Shapeoko Pro communities, I am working my way through the projects in Winston’s videos to learn the relevant skills and make some nice things along the way. Tonight’s project is a 3D topo model of Mount St. Helens.

As I started the project, I quickly realized that I needed the Pro version for Carbide Create. The 14-day trial will give me to learn, but is a bit too restrictive (in my opinion).

Any plans to offer a longer trial, especially for those who have purchased the Shapeoko Pro?

Thanks for considering my request.


This is a question for the higher-ups at — please check in w/ them.

I don’t think it will come back, just because of how it would affect folks who have already purchased a 1 yr. license.

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Just bought a pro myself and I’d think even a 2-3month thing would be cool. IMO unless you know what your doing a 14 day trial is long enough to click a few buttons maybe run a project. That’s just a beginner perspective though, I’m hoping to try it out when I get a bit more time in the basic version.

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While I would love a year of free access, even 2-3 months would be sufficient to determine if CC Pro is worth the time and $ investment vs. starting with F360’s hobbyist license. Once I select a CAD package, I’m unlikely to make another switch unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

I’m a hobbyist maker who occasionally sells things that I have made. As such, I only have an hour or two each night to work on my Shapeoko during the week, thus a 14 day trial really turns into about 4 weekend days and the equivalent of 1 weekday to kick the tires.