Any plans to bring back the 1-year pro license for Carbide Create?

As someone who is new to both the CNC and Shapeoko Pro communities, I am working my way through the projects in Winston’s videos to learn the relevant skills and make some nice things along the way. Tonight’s project is a 3D topo model of Mount St. Helens.

As I started the project, I quickly realized that I needed the Pro version for Carbide Create. The 14-day trial will give me to learn, but is a bit too restrictive (in my opinion).

Any plans to offer a longer trial, especially for those who have purchased the Shapeoko Pro?

Thanks for considering my request.


This is a question for the higher-ups at — please check in w/ them.

I don’t think it will come back, just because of how it would affect folks who have already purchased a 1 yr. license.

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Just bought a pro myself and I’d think even a 2-3month thing would be cool. IMO unless you know what your doing a 14 day trial is long enough to click a few buttons maybe run a project. That’s just a beginner perspective though, I’m hoping to try it out when I get a bit more time in the basic version.

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While I would love a year of free access, even 2-3 months would be sufficient to determine if CC Pro is worth the time and $ investment vs. starting with F360’s hobbyist license. Once I select a CAD package, I’m unlikely to make another switch unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

I’m a hobbyist maker who occasionally sells things that I have made. As such, I only have an hour or two each night to work on my Shapeoko during the week, thus a 14 day trial really turns into about 4 weekend days and the equivalent of 1 weekday to kick the tires.

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Its crazy you have to pay that much when you dont use it that much. and you cant use the old one

I don’t know how hard this would be programming wise but for something like this I thought it would be great if you could play around with the Pro any time but unless you paid for it you are only allowed say 4 exports of gcode to actually make some thing on the Shapeoko or any other device.

You could play around with the pro features all you want without any time restrictions.

Doing so is what the Demo license is for — you just can’t export G-Code — once you’re good to go, request a time-limited trial and export G-Code. If the cut works out, then if it suits, purchase a license, either 1 year for $120, or a perpetual license for $360.

So It’s actually two different parts. You can enable the Carbide Crate PRO Trial that you can use without a time limit but not export any gcode, even the 2D gcode?

Then you have to request a Trial License in order to be able to export the gcode when in the Pro Trial in Carbide Create that does have a time limit?

Is that correct?

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If you have any difficulties, let us know at

Do you think there will ever be a monthly subscription? I wouldn’t mind paying here and there for pro features when I need them. I mainly use Fusion and paying for a year license for both is not an option on my budget but being able to pay a month here a month there would be feasible. It would be different if I was doing projects that needed the pro features all the time then I could make them pay for the license but it would be more for gifts.

Check in w/ — I’m not involved in the financial end of things at all.

It would be nice to be able to upgrade from a 1 year license to a perpetual license. Sales does not support that currently, but it would motivate me to upgrade after actually trying out the Pro license.

My day job kept me from doing anything with the two week trial, so I bought a year license. Now, since I feel like that was my actual trial, I would buy a perpetual license.

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