Any Shapeoko Pro / 4 owners in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area?

I’m considering purchase of a Shapeoko Pro or 4 table system and I’d like to visit with someone that has one so I can see it in action and discuss the device with you. Thanks!

I dont have a Pro or 4 but have an SO3. What I have been reading here on the forum the SO5 is the way to go. The 4 is belt driven and is a good machine the Pro is an improvement but the SO5 is head and shoulders above either of them. There is a price difference but if the average life of a machine is 10 years the yearly price is not too bad. Plus you get the latest and greatest. You can not chase the latest and greatest because as soon as you get an SO5 the SO6,7,8 will be out but when you buy tools only cry once when getting it and not every time you use it if you get something inferior. I may just sell my SO3 and move up to the 4x4 SO5. The Shapeoko machines sell well so even though my SO3 is a great machine I really want the SO5. My SO3 has HDZ and upgraded to Proximity Switches with BitSetter, BitZero and BitRunner. A lot of my investment is in the tools and the shop equipment to feed the CNC.

Just think hard before you pull the trigger and regret the capabilities of the SO5.

I used to live in Houston (Kingwood) and now live in Deep East Texas. You can have Dallas and Houston both. The country life is just so much more peaceful. However when working the big cities are the place to make the big money.

Good luck with your choice.

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I am in the Dallas area, but have a SO3 XXL. Still happy to connect if you wanted to discuss the Shapeoko in general.

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