Any way to break apart a polygon?

Hi all,
I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find any posts about it. I have a shape (triangle, square, hexagon) but I want to separate it into component lines so I can manipulate each of them - understanding that they won’t be connected anymore. Node edit won’t work for this purpose, of course, since it reconnects the remaining nodes. If I try assembling the shape I want from individually created lines, I won’t get the accuracy I am looking for.

Am I missing some other technique, or is this just not possible, and I should post this under Feature Requests instead?


Go into Node Edit mode:

then right-click and choose “Cut Vector”:



Awesome! Thank you for pointing that out - I never thought to right-click for additional options. It was probably in a tutorial video that I didn’t pay enough attention to… If you know who to suggest this to, it would be really helpful if they could add a note on the left side under the Shortcuts that this option exists.

Thanks again!