Anybody have success with this bit in CC?

A friend of mine had given me this bit after doing a project for him. It was placed in the back of the cabinet and forgot about until I came across it again today while cleaning. Was just wondering if a bit like this could be programmed as a tool for carbide create? If so how would I program it? I see the feeds and speeds and depth of cut listed on the website so I could probably figure that out but it is obviously not a V bit or a end mill.

I would want to use it for cutting the letters on a sign that I have coming up and I would like to maybe see some rounded edges on the letters so I would use this as more of a pocketing toolpath I would assume or maybe an advance vcarve.

I have used the Freud 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" round nose bits for different game boards.

Halatafl using a 5/8" Freud round nose.

Dice Baseball game board using the 3/8" Freud round nose.

I just run them slow, like 10-15 IPM and shallow DOC, like 0.050" at 10-12K RPM. If you don’t get chatter and things are going well, you can try to bump up the speed.

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How did you program the toolpaths in carbide create? As an endmill and just doing a pocket path?

I actually used MakerCam and Inkscape. The holes were just drill tool paths that pecked their way to depth. I started using my SO3 before CC existed, so I just keep on using those two programs, along with Vectric V-carve.

Sorry, but I know that CC doesn’t do drill paths, but I believe @WillAdams has shown how to make a simulated drill path by making a circle just ever so slightly larger than the bit and it will do a very small circle. I am not sure exactly how much larger the circle needs to be than the bit size though.

EDIT: If you want to carve letters though, I would use a single line font and just create a “follow path” type g-code to make the letters, same as if I were cutting letters with a straight end mill.

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I actually had never used single line fonts and they did not come to mind when I thought of this. I will have to search around and download some to test, thanks for the idea!

Here’s a post that might help with single line fonts.

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