Anyone ever considered drilling for dogbones?

Trying to do “rest” machining for a project, and resorted to an open path to cut the perimeter where the dogbones weren’t cut:

but looking at things, I’m wondering if just drilling where the dog bones are would be more efficient.

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I would have thought it would take longer to drill… If the dog bones are part of the cut path then it’s just a slight jog for each. But if you drill them then there is a lot more z-axis motion as well as the additional x and y motion to go back to the places you were already at before…


I think I’d agree, drilling doesn’t tend to give as clean a finish either.

I use pre-drill quite a bit in Aluminium to avoid the slow ramp down and let the toolpath plunge into adaptive clear.

If you were to drill I think I’d do it before the contour path so that the drill doesn’t want to wander off.