Anyone found a nice 2.5" anti-static elbow?


but it doesn’t fit as well as I’d want (tapered end doesn’t fit the Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy, and is too small for the 2.5" Fulton anti-static hose I got from Peachtree).

isn’t conductive… just need this one last piece, and would like for it to not need bits of foil tape, which is the fall-back if I wind up buying:

I’m always up for a good challenge designing a new part to 3D print, but I just looked up conductive PLA and it’s $100/kg. That’s a bit too rich for me.

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I have noticed that many dust collection pieces do not always fit together. Either the standards are not adhered to by the manufacturer or there are no real standards. I have many tapered male connections that I cannot get them to fit into the female side of a connection. I think even with the same brand maybe it is variances in manufacturing from run to run that the measurements are not consistent.

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@MadHatter Thanks! Appreciate the thought, but agree, that’s not worth it.

@gdon_2003 Yes, the variety of sizing is problematic. The Oneida part for example connects to slightly narrower than 2.5" tubing — I may just cut the tapered section off and use it as if it’s a 45 degree elbow, shouldn’t look that bad, and it would save me a trip (and I’ll be needing to make a trip there later to get some 5x5 Baltic Birch as a base for my SO Pro XXL, so would rather defer the trip until after I’ve got the table cleared off).

It’s weird how many sizes there are and how they don’t quite interconnect — it’s a shame that there isn’t a standard where wall-thicknesses consistently allow a smaller size to fit into a larger, and there should be nomenclature which better identifies if a part fits into a matching part (i.e., an extension wand length) or if it requires a coupler.



Take a look at this youtube video. The part of interest is about half way through. The video is about making locking connections for dust collection.

Take a look at this video as well it is simpler and looks quite doable


Cutting the tapered end off worked well, and one notable consideration here is that the 2.5" straight hose is a lot quieter than the tapered Festool hose — heading out now to get a 2.5" Shop Vac right angle brush.

But, cutting a couple of inches off both ends and nesting them created a far more convenient and handier thing:

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