Anyone have any especially good resources on knowledge hierarchy/taxonomy?

Anyone remember Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu?

Yeah, that didn’t quite work out for the World Wide Web and Wikipedia — folks who are curious about the former aspect and why a URL is a Uniform Resource Locator should read:

Anyway, wanting to work up a list of wiki pages and looking for a suitable structure/framework.

Maybe something like:

Yes, I guess I should look at the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress hierarchies as well (at one point in my life, buying and reading one book from each category of the former as a goal…)

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An interesting problem!

It’s not universally solvable - that would be my observation. It’s also contextual - some things index more naturally than other things, or rather, some indexes seem intuitive for certain objects, but the same method can seem counter-intuitive for other objects.

I’m looking forward to seeing you struggle with this… clever man, difficult problem. Entertainment. :slight_smile:


As it happens I was a Knowledge Manager for a Fortune 500 company and have designed, built and maintained taxonomies for many years. It is quite an undertaking to make them useful and understandable by ordinary users.

An excellent book which gives solid practical advice is

Heather’s website and blog, presentations has a wealth of practical advice also.