Anyone have cad for a Dewalt 7491 ZC saw insert?

Before I go to the trouble to draw one up in CAD, anyone have a drawing for a Dewalt 7491 zero clearance table saw insert? Thought I would find one pretty quickly in the googlnator, but apparently…not.

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Did you check Grabcad specifically?

Yup, no joy. Unless I have truly awful keyword choice…and I don’t think they’re that bad.

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Can’t remember is this was for that model or the smaller one or if there is a difference.
I never cut it, so try if you’d like.


Will give it a look, thanks!

try this just eliminate the dado cutout

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@mikep Let me know if you cut that throat plate I modeled. Your post reminded me that I never finished that project. I know you know your way around Fusion 360, so you can remove the blade opening. My plan was to try a piece of half inch PVC… Just never got around to it.

This one is really good too, thanks!

you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I whipped this up, it’s really rough, but it fits. I want to change out how some of this works, it’s made directly from a couple scans. Again, really rough, I’ll clean this up soon. Probably. You need to place some leveling screws yourself, use your existing one for locations.


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