Anyone here used proven cut?

I see they finally have some recipes put up but debating if its worth the money or not.

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I signed up for a couple weeks back. I’m happy with it overall. It’s the most helpful if you are using adaptive clearing, threadmilling, or other more advanced techniques from Fusion360.

-can see and hear actual machining (video with sound, images of final surface finish)
-they can take requests and share the recipe
-it’s relatively inexpensive, and way better than CNC cookbook
-great support. easy to reach them for help

-they use strange tooling. If you buy your endmills from Carbide 3D, you will have to interpolate and extrapolate a bit
-most beneficial if you are using Fusion360 for adaptive clearing. The default feeds and speeds in Create will get you where you need to go for more traditional machining
-currently only have recipes for aluminum and delrin

Very helpful if you’re working in metal and using advanced techniques like adaptive clearing and threadmilling.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have.


I am signed up. Agree with what Lee says.
I like it a lot. Got good personal reply when I asked for a certain recipe.


@Vince.Fab is the one mainly charge of ProvenCut for lots of the machines like Carbide 3D’s machines (Nomad, Shapeoko), as well as some other hobby or light duty industrial machines. He has been a very valuable member of the community, so supporting that endeavor is good. I like to, so I have a subscription. It has helped me with aluminum on my HDM.


I just talked to Vince. We’ll send him a selection of our tooling so that have our tooling as an option.


Like Josh said, I am the one behind developing feeds and speeds, uploading and managing customer service with ProvenCut. I also create content and help with the weekly NYCCNC videos and being able to output as many recipes are I would like is tough sometimes. Also, specifically in the Nomad’s case, I take extra time and effort to create cuts that are consistent and repeatable with others people’s machines. On the customer service side, giving tips and helping with cut strategies and custom recipe requests fill a good amount of my time.

If you aren’t happy with what we have available or if we can’t help you reach better feeds and speeds, then a refund is not a problem. If you have some specific cuts that you would like information about, just post a list and I’ll add it to the master.

We are also working on a new Parts feature that will group toolpaths for a complete part depending on your machine. This should help quite a bit with “the big picture” and give some insight into the type of cut strategy that works well.

Also like Rob added, we are going to standardize the tooling used for C3D machines to better help compliment the machine.


@Vince.Fab @robgrz You guys are awesome! It’s great that within 12 hours of this thread popping off you’re working on standardizing the tooling!

I love this level of support, and it further validates why Carbide 3D and ProvenCut are worth the money!


Covering the C3D tooling is great news.

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I only checked it out with the preview. Adding the carbide 3d tools is great news as 100$ endmills are not realistic for most of us hobby users cD

Totally understand. There is a feature where you can add a Recipe Modifier for a lower spindle speed and it will automatically recalculate the feeds you need. In the case of single flutes, this helps because we have a good amount of high rpm Datron stuff. Lets say you have a more affordable tool (same flute count) but it doesn’t have the balance or you don’t want to run it as high/hard. Just use a 18k modifier (or whatever you fee comfortable with as long as its a lower rpm) and the recipe should be pretty close.

It should be fun to show the differences in feeds and speeds per machine with the same tool and material.


I also use ProvenCut and am quite happy with its continuing evolution. I’m looking forward to @Vince.Fab moving to the other end of the spectrum for the HDM, mini or micro tooling.

Haven’t done so myself, yet, but it’s pretty cool that you can request a recipe.

Also, you may find a recipe for another machine that is what you want you can use that recipe as a starting point for your machine, tweaking the settings appropriately to account for machine capabilities.

ProvenCut is a serious resource, well worth the cost of an end mill - if you save only one your investment has paid for itself!


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