Anyone in Michigan with a Shapeoko 3

I purchased my machine last year for a company I own, but have no idea how to use it. I’m still learning what G-code is lol. I know the machine is capable of cutting the shapes I need so I bought it before I learned.

At this ooint, I just wanted help getting vertain shapes cut.

Where are you and what are you cutting?

What shapes?

It should just be a matter of:

  • drawing or importing the shapes in Carbide Create
  • assigning paths
  • working out how the stock will be clamped and where Z will be
  • power up the machine and setting the origin
  • turning on the router
  • sending the G-Code to Carbide Motion
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I am in Detroit, MI.
I am going to cut wood 1/8in and 1/16in, acetate 1/4 in, steel 1/8 in, and aliminum 1/8 in.

The only thing is, I know absolutley nothing about G-Code and CNC. I have been studying lately, but I honestly don’t get it lol.

If I can find someone in MI, I’ll pay to have files made and to learn how to import them.

Cutting circles and lines fo glasses.

Okay, please draw something up which indicates shapes and dimensions and you can either post it here, or send it in to and we’ll work up a step-by-step on how to draw / model and cut it.