Anyone in the UK want to buy my shapeoko 5 pro?

Bought in November, it’s the 4 X 4 with vfd, bit setter and probe, will also come with a litre of the recommended oil and a load of tooling.

With import fees cost 5380 quid.

For v carving it’s mint, but I mainly bought it for joinery, I’m not getting the accuracy I need.

But the main hurdle is software (some user ignorance admittedly) and fusion is really cheesing me off with the glitches, nevermind to get the nest feature it will cost me 2k for a package full of bugs. And the alternatives are way out of my budget.

I find myself using it to make the odd jig only, so can’t justify it dominating my little workshop.

I’ve chipped a tiny bit of paint and screwed into the aluminium bed extrusions a few times, but other than that it’s like new.

Based in Yorkshire.

If interested make me an offer.