Anyone know how to download STL files from this website?

They have some really good models but it seems imposible for me to download them, I get the message: " Access to the database of models is blocked for you !!!"

-I tried unnistalling Ad-block
-I tried using a new browser
-I tried using a Russian residential IP
-I tried using an Ukranian residential IP (Got instantly blocked)
-There is no contact info anywhere
-Even if you pay for the subscription you can’t download the files since you’re already blocked

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am not familiar with that site but when you start dealing with Russian and/or Ukrainian sites beware. Many of them are Trojan Horses. Be sure you have good security software before trying to download from foreign and/or unknown sites. Many google searches for images put on to harmful sites that use the images as bait for malicious content.

Nothing is free in this world. Even if advertised as free there may be a price to pay.

Just a bit of free advice, eh? :slight_smile:

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I have searched for many images on google and they turned out to be bad sites. My Norton 360 stopped me before I got to the site. Unfortunately there are many bad things on the internet waiting to ensnare unsuspecting people.

Russia is the source of many ransomeware attacks. There are many other sites as well. If I would only claim my money from a Nigerian Prince I would be rich. I regularly get texts that are phishing scams. I have a Bank of America credit card that just two days ago I got a text instructing me to call an 800 number because my credit card was locked, so the message said. I logged into Bank of America site and there was nothing wrong with my credit card.

Just beware an never click on any thing that randomly pops on your phone or computer. Bank of America will send a text telling you to log on to their site with no link and those I have gotten because they thought fraudulent transactions were happening when I was traveling. I just click that the transaction was valid because I made it. Always initiate any query yourself and never never never click on a link that you did not initiate.

Obviously there are gullible people that will take the bait. You would think that people would know better. Unfortunately most honest people think others are honest and get taken to the cleaners.

Any site that involves money I use the Two Factor Authentication so I get a text on MY phone when logging in. It is a pain but it keeps my money safe.