Anyone upgrade from an XL to an XXL & wants to sell their old extrusion?

I’d like to get the longer extrusion for the X axis on my SO3, because reasons, without buying an entire XL upgrade. Has anyone out there upgraded from an XL to an XXL and have the spare X axis extrusion gathering dust?

I’m in the same boat

I have the old extrusion and metal tops, bottoms and straps from the standard model from when I did the XXL upgrade… I’d be willing to sell them if you could join them together?

Unfortunately I don’t have the facilities to weld aluminum, and getting them straight would probably be difficult at best.

I’ve got a full XL kit leftover from upgrading to the XXL. I am on vacation til the 8th, hit me back if anyone needs it.

I’d be interested…

OK, still got it. I don’t know what it’s worth, so lemme know what you want to pay for it and your contact info and we’ll figure it out. I’ll be around next week.

Thanks, Eric