Anyone Using a MeLE Quiter 3c PC with their machine?

I’m looking to add a PC to my shop instead of dragging my Mac out in the dirty place. What recommendations do you have for a low cost. Is anyone using the MeLE Quieter PC with things like Vectric and Carbide software?

I bought a cheap Lenovo at Costco for $300 and it’s working fine.

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I picked up a refurb HP to leave in the shop and run my SO5. It was around $200 on Amazon.

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I use a refurbished Surface Pro (I5, 8MB) from eBay - $150 with pen and PSU. That lives in the workshop.

You might also look at a refurbished Lenovo ThinkCenter Tiny. They go for around $100 on eBay and have I3-I7 processors, 8-16 MB of RAM and around 256GB SSD. Very solidly-built and very popular around my IT department. They come with a new install of Win 10 Pro. (I have one in use 24/7 running Linux off an external SSD). Mine cost me well under $100 with PSU from eBay.

One would be more than enough to run CM and CC. Amazon currently has an I5-6500/16GB/250GB SSD with WiFi for $133.


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