Anyone want to cut some wooden signs for $ in SoCal?

I don’t know if it’s poor form these days to ask for help with projects, but I’m gonna do it to help a friend :slight_smile:

I’ve got a friend who owns a marketing business and his usual production partner for wooden signage is not able to support him/not meeting expectations currently. He needs an alternative path to produce some CNC-cut outdoor signage.

This guy is based near Torrance, CA, and I was wondering if there’s anyone here in the community who has a 2’x4’ or larger footprint Shapeoko build that would be interested in taking on a project or two, potentially more if it works out well and the financials make sense.

I have no horse in the race here, and I don’t have a system large enough at present to help him out. I’m just looking to connect some folks and see if something good happens, so DM me if this feels like something you want me to ‘patch you through’ on.


bump No takers for a paid quick side sign project?

I don’t know if I should take this as a good sign that everyone is too busy with their own projects and their day jobs… or that there aren’t a lot of Shapeoko folks here in the greater LA metro area (or at least not who are on the forums…)

Maybe I have some community building work to do around here…

Thanks for sharing these insights mate.

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