Anyone willing to do a custom engraving job?


I’m trying to validate the idea of engraving names onto a roughly 1.5 by 2 inch trimmer blade ( I can ship the couple blades to your location within the US. Ideally it would be shipped back in 2-3 days. The blades are stainless steel (i think. not sure).

If you’re interested, please email with cost and turn out time.

Appreciate it, thanks!


I am probably the most experienced metal cutting Shapeoko uses (or top 3 users)…cutting blades are VERY hard, and not conducive to being cut with after heat treat…do yo know the hardness of these tools?

Laser engraving is a much better option for you…


@RichCournoyer is right. If the whole blade is hardened, it’ll be tough. If only the edge is hardened (plausible…)…might be different…

What about a diamond engraving drag bit? What are you trying to engrave? The flat surface looks small on the picture.

I might be willing to try with a spring loaded diamond drag bit.


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