Applications from Tailmaker developer available

has available a number of programs which used to be available commercially as was pointed out by @neilferreri

  • Puzzle My Joint — Generate joints for frames and other wooden items, or create jigsaw puzzle patterns and make them on your CNC machine.
  • Fingermaker — Make complex finger joints on your CNC machine.
  • Mazemaker — Generate single or double sided mazes and make them on your CNC machine.

Missing at this time are Tailmaker itself and the matching fixture design to hold boards at 15 degree angles and the Guilloche program

Any update on this, or a way to get the old program from an install file?

The tailmaker software is available here.


I’m only seeing FingerMaker ---- is the TailMaker functionality merged into that?

Also, isn’t there supposed to be a special clamp for holding boards at 15 degrees to make Tailmaker work? Not seeing that either.

EDIT: also not seeing the Guilloche program — sent off an e-mail inquiring.

Sorry Will, I have no idea. I stumbled on that a while ago, played with it for a few minutes and then put it aside for a time when I’ll have more time. I don’t know much about the software at all.

I downloaded and installed it, and it’s only Fingermaker, so I’m going to split this off to a new thread.

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