AR-15 wood parts created with my Shapeoko 3

I highly doubt that you will, see this line in his post:

Surprised there is still any interest in a very old thread…

Yes, you are correct; I will not be selling or giving away the files I made for these parts since I might still make them for sale one day.

As everyone undoubtedly knows by now, when I was tooling up for this it was in the middle of an event that can get you banned or deplatformed for talking about, and the need to earn an immediate income meant having to get a regular job then another on the side just to stay solvent, and I had to put my woodworking on hold for quite a while outside of a few small jobs for friends. I am now in a much better position financially and plan on devoting several days a week to woodworking sometime after the beginning of next year.

One other issue that I discovered while preparing these parts for eventually selling was ITARS compliance. ITARS is a wonderful regulatory and financial burden that the Obama administration placed upon just about everyone involved in the firearms industry including mom and pop gunstores, bullet casters, sellers and makers of accessories for just about every firearm etc., under the pretext of preventing international arms trafficking from the USA. Licensing is through the State Department and is very expensive; almost 3k per year.

From my researching of the subject it seems that there are two ways individuals who do firearms and ammunition related work deal with this and neither is optimal. First, a lot of small businesses just accept the inevitable and pay the fee and deal with the regulatory burden by raising prices and passing on the costs to their customers. A lot of others, such as those who cast and sell specialty bullets or do small volume accessories such as I was attempting to do simply ignore the regulation and fee, preferring to take their chances in being small enough to not attract the attention of the BATF. The consequences of being found out though can be pretty draconian.

I never anticipated this being a substantial source of income, certainly not to the point where I can afford to pay the cost for compliance. So, to answer the question of whether I have started selling them or not, no, I don’t intend to sell them anytime soon but I have developed the methods and files to allow me to do so if the regulatory regime ever changes to make it profitable to do so. And giving the files away is also out of the question; more for reasons of potential liability than worries about potential competitors.


So there is no way you can’t send them to me even though you won’t be liable?

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There are a handful of places online that serve similar files for 3d printing. It would not take much effort to take the STL (or step, igs, etc) and split it so you can CAM it up and cut your own.

That way, no one here take the unnecessary risk.

Looks great, are you using a different controller or is the CAD/CAM software easily connected to the controller that the machine comes with?

There is none I’ve looked

I love the look… I made a grip myself (photos attached), as well as some rail covers…


The finished product…


And some rail covers…

Got these from Thingiverse…


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