Arc Tolerance Settings?

As I am looking through a Pocket Guide for GRBL Settings, I noticed that the default setting for $12, (Arc Tolerance), is 0.002 mm. But I find that in my Shapeoko, C3D has it set at 0.010.

What is the reason for such a course setting? Steps per mm? Memory limitations? CPU workload?

What is the tolerance capability of your stepper motor? When you post code, to what decimal place? At 0.010mm or 0.0004", I think your fine but I’m not sure of your set up.

On a Shapeoko (EDIT: some of the Shapeokos…my beloved belt-driven SO3 for sure) the step is 0.025mm anyway.
I seem to remember a post describing the arc tolerance matter at length, but I can’t seem to find it right now…


Maybe one of these?

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You’re prolly right, a limitation of the belt drive setting, and whatever microstep setting that C3D is using for their drivers.

I had already done a search, and nothing definitive showed up.

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