Are some fonts too thin

I have a logo that I have a customer wanting cut out but the font is extremely thin. I have tried cutting it out of 1/2” birch ply with a 1/8” compression bit but it’s eating it in areas. Is there just some fonts that are too thin to cut on cnc or should I use a different material? Any help appreciated. image

That signature would work much better as a Vcarve then a pocket. Depending on the size, I would use either a 60 degree or 30 degree bit. Below 0.25" I would use 30 degree bit. I used these to do some carving on Cherry:
Cheap 30 degree bits
Quality control is low on these bits, so don’t expect all 10 will have sharp tips.


Thank you but she is wanting it cutout like free standing no background. Thoughts?

Vectric V-Carve has a Prism Carving Toolpath but I am not sure how CC would get it done. I think that is your best option for something that thin.

Other than that, I would recommend using a really small bit to outline the lettering before going back with a larger bit to clear out the rest of the material. I would use a 0.0150" bit or 0.0177" bit to outline it before using an 0.063" bit to clear out the rest.

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Yeah I use CC.
Will you explain why outlining first helps? I’m thinking it would just be gentler on the material before finishing it?
One other thing, this is for the outdoors would I be selling this to a customer and it not hold up for long even with it being sealed. I really don’t even know how she is attaching something so delicate to her building.

By outlining it with the really small bit (which cannot create large tear-outs because of the size) you are separating the material being cut from the material you want left. If tear-out occurs when using the larger bit, the tear-out will stop at the outline, so no harm* will be done to the signature.

  • Assuming the tear-out does not go deeper into the wood fiber than the outline with the small bit.
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With this drawn as a vector it should work to just add geometry around this and then cut as an Advanced V carving.

If you have difficulty with this, please post the file and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.


Ok I haven’t used advanced vcarving yet so I will probably have questions. I will look into it tonight. Thank you!

Ok let me go ahead and ask if there are any videos on how to do advanced vcarving on word cutouts that I could watch before attempting this. So far I am not seeing anything and I would like to use all my resources prior to jumping back on here. Thanks in advance!

Draw the shape you want around the text:

select it and the text:

Select Advanced VCarve:

Enable Pocket clearing:

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Will this give me a complete cutout of the words or does it keep material as a background?

If you set it to cut all the way through it can cut out:

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Ok so like I said I have never used advanced but it appears the pocket is run first, then the vcarve. What would be the best way to hold down the material? I have only used clamps and then tabs to control “fly aways”.
Also, this is saying its going to take over 13 hours, does that seem right? Even if I use a 1/4’’ endmill its over 6 hours.

How big is the finished cutout?
I don’t think the prismatic cut will give you the delicate look you’re going for.
Are there material requirements?
Is that the best image you have? If it’s a logo, there is probably a vector. If it’s just a font, can you find the font?

I have the vector, this was just part of a pic she sent initially. No wider than 20" so basically the 2 bigger words will be 20" (its 3 lines).
She is going to finish it so I was going to do it in 1/2" birch ply. I considered pvc but have never used it and will have to get the right bits for it (not even sure I can get it in my area).
I have thought about doing an offset to thicken up the font but do not want to take away from the “look”.
What’s your thoughts?

Have you designed that? Can you measure how thin it will actually be?

I think you’d be surprised that you’d be the only one able to tell there’s an offset. You just have to be careful not to close up any holes.

The “Antonio” was pretty thin. Half inch MDF.
(not painted or attached yet in that pic)


I actually started cutting it today and it didn’t make it through the second letter without eating it up. It’s less than 1/8" for the most part.

That’s really thin. Even if you carve it successfully, you’ll probably break something after the carve.
I’d offset it a bit.
Where are you doing the design work? You should be able to tell in a preview if it looks ok.

I will be working in CC. I can view it before cutting.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Oh man, I was thinking this was going to be something like 2"-3" wide, like the actual signature size. I would definitely not use an 0.0150" bit for that - at all. I agree with @neilferreri that an offset perimeter to make the signature lines wider is a good idea.

Also, I have had mixed results with birch plywood. Some sheets I can cut with a downcut bit and it cuts great, sometimes it tears and splinters the top layer and there is noting I can do to stop it. The next sheet cuts fine again. Same bit, same feeds and speeds. . . Frustrating.