ARG I cant close the Pockets

Patch Flag.c2d (1.1 MB)

I for the life of me can not figure out how to close these rectangles. I have cut, added, trimmed, boolean’d. I’m at a loss. Big picture I have a 13x25 india ink stained piece of pine that I’m pocketing out the stripes and then vcarving the stars and design. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance

I did one of them if this is what your looking for. Copy a rectangle to the top of the design. Then use Create Curve and trace around the part of the logo needed for the curve. Then move curve up and Group rectangle and curve together. Then Delete original rectangle and move created one back in place. Maybe someone else has a better idea.

Patch Flag.c2d (1.1 MB)

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I’m not sure if this is what you wanted or not…

I ungrouped your boxes and then selected each box and pressed the JOIN Vector button
…and that joined that rectangle. That got rid of the purple indications of openness…See if that’s what you need.

EDIT: When I uploaded the first time, I had missed those little rectangles on the right of the emblem…here is a better version. You still have one rectangle overlapping your emblem that needs to be repaired…but I think it’s on the right track.

Patch Flag Joined.c2d (1.1 MB)

The stripes in question are grouped:

If you ungroup it, you can then work w/ each individually:

There are also short line segment to bring things up to the design:

One way to fix this is to close each by drawing in a line to complete the rectangle, but the geometry is made up of polylines:

which interfere w/ drawing lines — instead, copy-paste one:

draw in a line to complete it:

Select both vectors:

and use the Join Vectors command to close this:

Then duplicate it as necessary and move the duplicates into position:

Repeat for the lower stripes:

Because Carbide Create doesn’t have support for composite paths, the most expedient thing to do is to join this geometry together so that it is one path:

Then duplicate the outer geometry by copy-pasting (if the cursor is not in the drawing area it will be pasted in place):

Select the unioned geometry and shift-click on the duplicated geometry to make it the key object:

then Boolean Subtract:


Patch Flag_stripes.c2d (1.1 MB)


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