ART CAM gcode slamming LS

so i got gcode frm art cam and when i run it it slamms the z axes upwords and stops you can guess the rest

so i tried useing a smaller shorter bit but same thing happens so ya any help and i still have the gcode i dont know how to upload it so someone check it …

but is there a way to limit how high the z goes , is that what ramping is

guys im totaly new to this but its fun

This is a commercial program, start w/ their documentation and their tech support?

You might want to start here w/ the basics:

Have you done Hello World?

ya i did so i think its bc the tool is too long and i need a shorter one

The Retract hieght combined with the tool length are both factors.
You can try moving the Router up in the clamp as well.

so im using a chineex spindle and its al redy high up and is it possible to change the Retract hieght or is it possible to limit how high it goes

Im not familiar with artcam retract height control, but if you post some screenshots of the job setup we can help.