Asian fonts show in title but can't display

There are a number of Asian fonts to choose from that has the Kanji letters displayed. When selected, I cannot figure out to display the Japanese letters. I am specifically interested in Katakana, which is not in the list, but most of the Japanese letters are duplicated in other dialects. I see one of interest in Kai but need to display the letters to know for sure. Can you help?

From what I understand, you must have the font in your computer also. (i.e.) Windows.

Good Luck

Unfortunately, our software is not Unicode aware.

If you need to set languages which are outside of ISO-Latin-1, then you will need to do so in a 3rd party tool which supports such languages and convert it to geometry (save a copy before doing so) and then export as an SVG so as to import into Carbide Create.

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