Asking for some inlay design help

For feeds/speeds in carbide create there doesn’t seem to be a difference in hardwood for the 90 degree vbit to the 60 degree. It might be worth maybe reducing the speed though just incase. Here are the values from carbide create, which is usually a really great starting point if you want to get feeds/speeds.

feedrate: 35 in/min
depth per pass: .08 in
rpm 18000
plunge rate: 12 in/min

Again, you could pull that back a bit to .06 in for depth per pass and 30 in/min for feedrate.
If you are having issues with the mechanical portions of the machine, it may be worth doing a test you can measure.
square circle test.c2d (56 KB)

I believe I uploaded a file that should be doable in a 4.5x4.5inch piece of MDF using a 1/4 endmill. Might be worth running something like this in scrap (though change values if you go to hardwood), and then measure the end result.

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Will: I have manged to get that file to cut (after MUCH effort). In the process of doing that I came across something I’d like to ask. I notice that when using the touch pad to determine my X,Y, and Z axis points, that the probe touches the north, south, east and west walls of the well in which the probe sits. In doing so, when it touches the south and west sides that the entire pad moves, not much, but still it moves. Is that something that I need to be concerned about?

Yes, the BitZero needs to stay in place so as to get an accurate position from it.

Usually draping the cord just so will work — if need be use tape or a weight or something.

Since the router is not turning, I hold the base securely to the part I will cut. Have my mouse with me to do as I need.

I also use .125 and .250 pins to avoid issues with flutes.

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