Aspire multi tool issue for shapeoko post processor

I am new to aspire and I have a 3D STL file I am working with 2 different tools. Once I try to save the toolpaths as one file I get error that Shapeoko does not support tool change and I know that’s not right because other programs I have not had an issue saving code with tool changes and running it. Any help please would be great!

I am using shapeoko XXL with carbide motion

Install @neilferreri’s post-processor and you should be good to go.
(as far as I am aware, Vectric support now sends Neil’s PP to customer who ask for multi-tool support on Shapeokos)

edit: I deleted the other identical post, it’s clearer this way.

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Funny - I literally just found that and added it to my list right before your response popped up.

Thank you!!!

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