Assembly guide not found shapeoko 3

The only videos Iv’e seen are clearly with older models of the shapeoko 3, and the official assembly guide is a dead link

my shapeoko didnt come with the cross peic on the frame, not sure if this is a part of design, or if the parts were never added, I will note that having the plates pre assembled is very nice, and the wasteboard is a single piece (rather than the two I see in videos. Does anybody know where I can find an up to date assembly guide?

Links here:

Hi @spasmfingers,

I did the original guide, and this looks like they’ve gone in and added a few update notes for a few of the changes to the board and such, but the design shown is indeed a bit out of date, but it may still be helpful on the process of putting various parts together and taking them apart, since the documentation for the current version is purely photo based and doesn’t have diagrams with arrows :wink: