Assembly of XXL missing z motor

Hi all,

Received my XXL yesterday, while assembly today, I noticed I don’t have the Z motor. Now, I know all new machines come with the screw drive for the z axis, so I’m assuming I don’t need the motor but I just want to confirm.


Do you have a motor on the end of the Z leadscrew?

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I hope so… Aren’t they integrated?

I’m sorry for the confusion. It does have the Z motor, it’s on top of the lead screw, I meant the X motor, to move the router side to side. I can’t continue to assembly because I can’t install the X belt.

Really bummed! I was so excited to get this up and running today.

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@ erniediaz123 Maybe Carbide accidentally sent you the Shapeoko IV - designed only to cut straight lines. Guaranteed straight!

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LOL. Maybe.

The support staff emailed me already, so hopefully it will get here soon. I don’t want to continue assembling until it gets here, because I don’t want to have to retract steps.

First project has to wait…

Thanks for the replies.


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