At end of job, jog size changes

New to this so this may be rookie user error.
Using Carbide Create build 629, and GrblControl 0.8.1, 3018 CNC
At the start of a job if I jog the cutter head by 1 it will move .04 inches
When I run a job at the end the bit raises with no x, y movement.
Without doing anything if I jog the cutter head it will move 1" when set to an increment of 1.
To get the increment back to 1 = .04 I have to reset which means I have lost X and Y so bit changes do not work with this issue as I have lost my reference point. Hope this explaination is clear.
Would appreciate any guideance.

We can help you w/ Carbide Create, but I’m afraid GrblControl being used w/ a 3rd party machine is not something we can help w/ here.

Check in at

or some other forum where folks use/discuss these machines/this software?

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