Attaching Mist / Air System to Shapeoko HDM

I recently purchased a mist lubrication system for my Shapeoko HDM to keep the bit cool while I was milling aluminum. I tried to attach it directly to the HDM, but couldn’t as the holes were off by about 3mm. After some inspiration from this forum, I decided to design and mill my own aluminum plate to attach the mister directly to the HDM.

Here’s a list of items that I purchased (non-commission links):

  • 6" x 12" x ¼" 6061 aluminum plate (Amazon)
  • OriGlam mist coolant spray system (Amazon)
  • Pneumatic tube kit (Amazon)
  • Couplers to connect to air compressor (Amazon)
  • M5 screws (Amazon)

I designed an aluminum plate in Fusion 360 and wanted to include some photos and the STEP model in case anyone is interested in using this for their HDM.

Here’s what the top view of the model looks like in Fusion 360:

On the left are three sets of parallel M5 holes that allow you to attach the plate to the side of the HDM. The holes are about 15mm apart and allow you to adjust the height if needed. On the right are two sets of holes. The top two holes and bottom two holes allow you to mount the mister vertically. The right two holes allow you to mount the mister horizontally (which I did).

Here’s a very amateurish schematic:

And here’s a few pics of how it turned out:

Thanks to some great advice on this forum, I was able to mill this entire thing using a ⅛" Amana aluminum end mill. I ran it at 10K RPM. Total milling time was about 20-30 minutes. I was able to use it straight off the machine with no further processing of the part.

STEP model here: (2.2 MB)

Anyway - YMMV - feel free to use this for your HDM. It might work for the other Shapeokos also.


Zip up the STEP file to post it here.

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FYI, the machining wasn’t perfect in the model above. You can see some chatter on the edges and the rounded hole isn’t quite smooth. I could have done a better job holding this down.