Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Logo

Does anyone have a SVG or other vector image for the Anime Series Attack on Titan, Scout Regiment.
I cannot seem to find an SVG image.

If you do could you please PM me and attach. Thanks

Never heard of it, but I Googled it.



That was just on TV the other night. Had not seen it in years.

You could try to load the picture you posted here -
It typically does a good job. Or you could try InkScape.

Found this on Thingiverse:

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I used Vector Magic to create this version.
Here is the c2d and svg file.
Wings of Freedom.c2d (913.2 KB)

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Thanks so much. It opened right up. I will try a test carve tomorrow. I love Anime and have season 1, 2 and part 1 of season 3 of Attach on Titan. It is an interesting story. The characters are European looking not the typical Japanese teen stuff. I do like the traditional Anime with giant robots, vampires, and demons with swords and various magical powers. I am 65 years and way outside the demographic for most Anime lovers. I have hundreds of series on DVD/Blueray and love the genre.

I must go on guard duty to detect the giant mindless people eating monsters. Walking the walls of my city ever vigilant.


Great, The other SVG files did not separate the background from the wings very well.
I am only in my first month with CNC so this is all new to me. But enjoying it very much.
Did my first Ouiji board this week from a slab of cedar. Turned out pretty nice. Aged it with vinegar
and steel wool.

As you can see on the Board it was thicker on the right side.

That is pretty cool. One thing to note about the CNC Routing is you still have to adhere to basic wood working rules. Those basic wood working rules include proper dimension of wood that is flat, square and plumb to the router.

Your use of the skulls, fonts and design proportion is very good. I like the live edge of your board but you must make sure your work piece is flat or you will be wasting your time. Even though there is a mistake about the level of the board hopefully you learned a lesson. As I have said on this forum before failure leads to success.

If you do not have a planner you could use a fly cutter to flatten the top/bottom of your project. If you want the top to be rustic then use the bottom to flatten, then flip it over and carve.


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