Auto-increment save file names?

Hi! I use the undo/ctrl-z feature in Create a lot, but I also increment my save files frequently when I make significant design changes. Maybe it could be an option under the :gear: settings that every save or ctrl-s action could increment by a number of zeros? I’m a newbie so two digits is plenty for me, but maybe some people would have over 99 iterations.


Would you want to go back to version 02 from 04? Is that what you are asking for an autosave?

As an alternative, you could put the files on a cloud storage system which tracks different file iterations and allows you to restore on that basis.

Yes? I start something as 01 and then change the design around 06, but I want to keep the option to go back to previous revision 05 if the design change doesn’t work out. But autosave is different - that usually saves to the same file after each revision or a set timeframe. I think having incremented files is more useful - even if it only happens on a manual save action.

Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t use one currently but I’ll look into it. If it checks often enough to capture every iteration, that could work. Thanks!

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