AutoCad/ArtCam Pro 9

I’m new to Carbide 3d but experienced with CNC.
Currently: Pro-5 (4x4) Carbide Create/Motion.
My Original CNC was ShopBot PRT 5x12
I create vectors in AutoCad and produce cut files in ArtCam Pro 9.
I have tried to export ArtCam G-Code (in.) to “Motion” but they won’t shake hands.
Anyone experienced with ArtCam G code??

What post-processor are you using?

In order choose Shapeoko, Carbide 3D, Grbl, LinuxCNC, Mach3.

Hi Will
My ArtCam has many posts for various CNC machines including: Biesse, Komo, Multicam, etc. It also has the following posts: gcode_arc_mm.con, gcode_inch.con, gcode_inch_arc.con, gcode_mm.con.
Carbide Motion sees these as very small.

For example, I could run a cut file for a simple square part in both ArtCam and Carbide Create and send both gcode files for review?
Any Thoughts??


Any of the basic G-code post-processors you mention should be fine.

The arc one would be my choice — if arcs are calculated correctly.

Yes, try making two simple files which are equivalent, say cutting along a square (Contour, No-offset) and post them and we can compare them.

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