Awesome Vectric Vcarve/Aspire feature

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Just wanted to share a feature I found in the Vectric software, As far as I can tell it is available in both Vcarve and Aspire (I have Aspire)

This feature is called ‘plate production’ and allows you to create a single item, then have the software create an array of that item with variables that can be drawn from an excel spreadsheet or text file. It even allows you to have the toolpaths as part of the array so takes another step of work out of the process.

This is a really powerful tool for making something like place names for weddings, or if you’re selling a personalized item - it removes a huge amount of time from the design process.

I would do a tutorial but the Vectric video is far clearer than I could be!

Vectric Plate Production - YouTube


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You know, I purchased an upgrade to Cut2D thinking that feature was included, but it was not, as I have the Desktop edition and not the Pro. I told the outfit that the feature should really be included in the Desktop but they said “nope.”

SO… I contacted the original developer of UGS and said, “you know, why not add an array feature to UGS so I can specify x/y and a margin, and you just cut that many of them.”

And he said, “yeah, I’ve been thinking of that already, here, let me crank it out.” And a few days later, he E-Mailed me and said, “done.”

And it is AWESOME. Some of the parts I make are 1" x 1" (approx.), so having the ability to perform a test cut and make sure it is perfect, and then telling UGS to cut 10 x 10 of them is pretty amazing.

I think the array cutting feature actually belongs in the sender, not the CAD app., as the # I want really depends on materials on hand and orders, etc.

UGS rocks!


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I have to say, that is very impressive, even more so that ugs is free.

Disappointing that vectric didn’t come through for you, though I suppose the vectric software does more than a simple array, it will actually import names or words into the design from a spreadsheet, and also offers a lot of power around tool path optimisation and minimising tool changes. Those are more production-oriented tools though, and could save you big money with a 4x8 router doing thousands of tags which I suppose is why it comes with the price tag…

I use my SO3 under linuxcnc, which probably has a similar macro out there, I might look into it.


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