Aztec calendar help?

Got a request to do an Aztec calendar. Never tackled anything quite that detailed. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Most of the folks who have done this have used Vectric Vcarve — if you’re doing it in Carbide Create you’ll probably need to divide and conquer — select a reasonable subset, process those as a Vcarve, then repeat.

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what Will said: the vector file for the Aztec calendar will bring Carbide Create to its knees if you try to create a V-carving toolpath of all features in one go. Crash/frustration pretty much guaranteed. But other than this pitfall, it’s remarkably easy, if you are using a reasonably sharp V-bit, surprisingly MDF lends itself nicely to cutting this and making all kinds of finishes. The most popular one is to spray copper paint, let it dry, then apply black acrylic paint in the recesses and wipe out the surface with a sponge immediately: this gives you a very nice looking calendar that hides its MDF origin really well. You will find many examples on this forum, and a gazillion examples on youtube etc.


Thank you guys your advise is appreciated

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