Back from Vacation and Got Touch Probe and OOPS

I went on a 3 week vacation from East Texas to New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Colorado. I had a wonderful time and saw some pretty fantastic sights. The vistas in Utah are breathtaking, the mountains in Colorado are still snow packed and Idaho was beautiful. My stay in Northern Arizona was at Jumpup cabin at the end of the Forest Road and it was quite remote.

Overall a very relaxing and enjoyable time.

When I got back I had my new Carbide 3d Touch Probe and my OOPS clamps waiting for me. The touch probe was installed and worked perfectly. I made a little holder for the probe and attached it to the front of my table. The OOPS clamps seem pretty neat and should work well with my spoil board setup. I had previously posted that I got the plans for my spoil board, clamps and fence from Myers Woodshop on and the whole system works very well. The fence had the space for the touch probe in the lower left corner and the probe fit perfectly. The Myers Woodshop plans for the clamps had two sizes and sometimes they were just too big or just too small for some projects. With the addition of the OOPS clamps they fill the gap between Poppa Bear and Baby Bear clamps and like Momma Bear are just right.

I have several projects to make in the next couple of weeks. I need to make the coasters from that are Star Wars themed for my son in law. He 3d printed a dust boot for me and I need to reward him for that. I have a neighbor that wants me to make 3 trinket boxes for his grand kids. I also need to make a finger top holder for a friends restaurant. I turn finger tops and give them to the restaurant to hand out to children. The kids like the tops and so do the adults. After their meal the kids can keep the tops and I get to make more. I want to make a tray to store the tops in with the restaurant’s name on it. Lastly I have a commission to make the old golf tee game that is a triangle with holes and one open hole. The object is to jump the tees and have only 1 tee left. I used to see these at restaurants all the time. I cannot recall the name of the game but someone wants 30 of the games. I will order the golf tees from Amazon then cut them out on the Shapeoko XXL.


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