Back in business

Been having a crisis of confidence lately, had several projects in a row go south, all with thicker (3/4" or greater) stock. But my wife needed letters cut for a sign for my daughter dance studio thing, so plucked up my courage and gave it a go. Feeling much better after a perfect run today, almost 20 11" letters. Did away with tabs and went with carpet tape in addition to clamps. Nothing fancy, but glad it went well. 3/4" MDF, 1/4" endmill, 60ipm, .1" doc.


Way to get back on the horse!

I have crashed my SO3 several times and Ive only had it for a couple of months. I view each crash as burning the lesson that much firmer into my neural net…

Looks great! I know the feeling with my lack of experience & lack of time (2 yr old & 1 on the way) it’s easy for me to make this difficult. My goal is to make some random/simple things to increase my experience. It’s always a constant battle to keep my perfectionism in check!!

Thanks guys. Only about 6 months in this hobby myself, so constantly learning. And screwing up, and learning some more.

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