Back to back cuts

Another silly questions from what I’m guessing is the neediest user on these forums!

I have a job I want to do a little carving on both sides of. The front is the design, the back will be a signature. I chose to do the back signature first as it was and simple.

I probed for the zero with my bit zero and the carving went fine. I then flipped over the stock, probed again, and stated the next cut. It wouldn’t do anything but try and cut air a few inches above the stock. I shut the machine down, started over, and it had same behavior. So I manually zeroed and it worked.

Any idea what the heck I’m doing wrong?

Thanks as always,

Hey Jordan,

The only thing that springs to mind that fits your description (at least for me) is that the zero in the project for the second cut is at the bottom of the stock rather than the top.


Hi Gerry, thanks for the reply and suggestion. This doesn’t appear to be it. I tried running the same exact file twice. I just zeroed between jobs and when it starts it’s always an inch or so above the stock.

I power down the machine, turn it back on, reinitialize, zero again, load the job and it works.

I’m super confused by it!

Post the file and G-Code, and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero to it and managing all tool changes and we will do our best to sort through this with you.

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