Background image opacity

I feel like im whining when i post on here.

When trying to trace a background image, i often wish i could have the full opacity of the original picture.



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I’m putting this in as a feature request now.

If you’re doing a lot of tracing you may want to consider a 3rd party tool such as Inkscape or Serif’s Affinity Designer.

When using Freehand, I’ll often shift a pixel image on a locked layer up above the dividing line which distinguishes foreground and background.

ok thank you

i’ve since downloaded inkscape and am trying to figure out how to trace. i read somewhere on here that one could bypass all the manual tracing on inkscape. is this true?

inkscape has an option to convert a bitmap to a vector…
typically it works quite well for pictures with high contrast that are of sufficiently high resolution,
but if you have a low-res or very low contrast picture, the results for me are often poor.

in inkscape just “import” the bitmap image, and then right click on it, and pick “trace bitmap”
there’s several options in the dialog that pops up, play with them until you get a result you like

one minor gotcha is that at the end of this, in inkscape, you get both the bitmap and the vector, so you need to then delete the bitmap before saving as SVG

Please see:

Awesome i will try it out. Thank you!

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