Backlash on Z Axis


My Nomad Pro recently started to have a bit of a backlash on the Z axis (0.5mm I would say).
I can clearly see the spindle and spindle motor assembly move when I apply a light force onto them.

I have recently used the machine to carve some metal (aluminium, brass, mild steel). I went slowly and used lubricant when machining steel, or when G-Wizard told me so.

Doing mostly 2D projects, it is not such a big problem for the moment.
But what do you think is causing the problem ? Wear ? Loose bolts and nuts ?

I believe you should contact on this — it’s the first time I can recall hearing about it, so I’m sure that the folks responsible for the Nomad will be very interested in it.

You are right

@robgrz do you know what I should do about this backlash ?

Hi @jeremydahan
Email support @ carbide3d with your contact info.
We can ship a replacement part on Monday, We will want to do some trouble shooting to make sure we get you the right part.
If you can include pictures and details you’ve experienced it will help.

Would you mind posting a picture of the parts you’ve cut ?

Of course :
This is a 20X34X14mm piece of aluminium I’ve cut recently.

I tried with a large 1/4" end mill very slowly but the cutter would stop often, so I changed for a 1/8" bit. The piece is fairly long, and I had to set the end mill at a shallow depth inside the collet to get the 20mm of depth. Not very wise, but my only option…

A mild steel piece is inserted in the aluminium piece. I milled through 4mm of steel with the 1/8" bit and lots of cutting oil.

A photo of the final assembly :

I’ve also milled some hard wood recently

I regularly clean the machine with a vaccum, and I try not to mill to fast. It is very likely that I have done something wrong though, as it is my first CNC mill.

A quick video of the problem :

It is hard to see on the video, but the sound is caused by the movement of the whole block.

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I checked my nomad pro to see if mine have similar problem. The answer is no.

Check that the 2 bolts which hold the anti-backlash nut in place are tight. (3MM hex)
Its possible they came loose, although we do use loctite.
If they are tight, with the Z Carriage in the middle of its travel, look for anything loose in the area.
Thanks for posting pics, Very nice parts and its great to hear its your first CNC!

I don’t see an email in support, did you send one yet?
If you want to send more photos we can make sure you get the part you need shipped on monday.

I just sent the email.
I must say I’m always impressed with the speed of the support at Carbide3D : super quick answer even in the middle of a sunday ! I am not in a hurry for the replacement parts, I only use the machine once a week for non critical parts.