Balance the workspace

I’m having some issues with the shapeoko because i think it’s uneven and i don’t know how to solve ir.
Do you have any tips to help me please?
PD: Si me pueden responder en español mejor

Which machine do you have?

What size?

The most expedient thing to do is to put a piece of foam on the table, underneath the machine — I use a large sheet of packaging scrap from a previous employer under my Pro XXL, and two squares of anti-fatigue mat from Harbor Freight under my XL.

If you have difficulties w/ the squareness or assembly of your machine, please let us know at and we will do our best to assist.

My machine is a shapeoko 3 XL. I’m having issues with the Z deepth inconsistency especially with pocket paths that gave me not smooth results.

Which Z-axis does your machine have?

What materials are you cutting?

Using what tooling?

At what feeds and speeds?

Using what CAD/CAM software to create what toolpaths?

I’m cutting aluminum with 102 end mill. The feed and speed are the ones configurated by the carbide create that is the software i’m using.
The z axis is the z-plus xl

Which aluminum alloy?

How thick?

How deeply are you cutting?

How are you securing the stock?

Are you cutting a slot just as narrow as the endmill?

Is the machine mechanically sound per: Machine Operating Checklist - Carbide 3D

Is all the wiring in good condition and all the connectors secure?

I’ve found the default feeds and speeds work well in 6061 — post your .c2d file, stepy-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it and managing all tool changes, and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine?

Have you tramed your router/spindle and have you flattened your spoilboard? If you have a supplemental spoil board is it possible that your clamping method has bolts that are too long and are causing your spoilboard to be pushed up because your bolts are lifting the spoilboard.

attached is a document I created on how to create an optimized spoilboard and then level it

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

Sorry I cannot respond in Espanol.

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