Bamboo spice rack

Week-end project: grabbed a cheap bamboo cutting board from the local Swedish supplier, fired up Carbide Create, and 2h later I had a custom spice rack. I just love how quickly you can get from idea to finish line with Carbide Create and the Shapeoko.


Super nice ! Looks like the material cut good.

That came out very nicely. I think your joinery method is clever.

Thanks @Julien , you’ve just caused me to spend waaaaay too much time on the “Local Swedish Suppliers” website looking for things to cut up, haha!!!

This looks great btw, and the cost for materials is downright awesomeness!!!


The lady at the checkout gave me the weirdest look though, when she saw my stack of 10+ cutting boards of various shapes, size, and material (bamboo mostly but I also picked a few in acacia and hevea) :slight_smile:

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Ouch. Are there no local lumber yards?

Another source of inexpensive cutting boards is thrift stores, if one is planning on milling off at least one side at least.

There must be a better source for wood near me, but I have yet to find it. For bamboo at least, the cost per square inch at Ikea beats everything I have seen online by a very large margin, and is actually surprisingly good quality. What I really have trouble finding is e.g. maple or walnut…

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It’s annoying how pricing works. It can sometimes literally be cheaper to buy a finished product like a cutting board than to buy the raw materials in small quantities.

Julien not sure where you are but Home Depot near me carries both walnut and maple. Lowe’s carries maple but not walnut.

If those don’t work and you’re still stuck try those guys are great.

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I live in France, very few Home Depot around and zero Lowe’s, we have local equivalent hardware stores where I get MDF, pine, plywood, oak, and beech, but not much else. Plenty of online retailers (even shipping locally from France) but the shipping costs then double the price :frowning:


I feel your pain. Tomorrow I’m driving an hour and a half tomorrow to a saw mill - previously I’ve been buying average quality offcuts from ebay for silly $$

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We have a few resources listed on:


It would be nice to have more (and better if those twain were kept more up-to-date). One other source of materials is free furniture from Craigslist and so forth if one has the resources to get it, dismantle it, and then store it. It’s also potentially worth buying inexpensive beat up furniture (if solid wood, and lacking in historical value — don’t make the mistake of the folks who refinished a set of chairs which they had provenance of Geo. Washington sitting in them) — Roy Underhill had a neat segment where he made a nifty folding bookstand out of a piece of mahogany salved from a “ghastly” piece of turn of the century furniture w/ no redeeming value.

May be an urban legend but supposedly Ikea is one of the biggest hardwood buyers in the world. Some of their nicer stuff isn’t all pressboard but actual hardwood and sometimes you can buy components of their items without buying the whole thing.

Yeah I hear a lot in woodworking groups of discouraged European woodworkers having far fewer options for raw materials unfortunately.

Added a kitchen roll dispenser. Also, I’m now officially addicted to cutting bamboo.


Yeah, there’s an almost local place which sells 4x8 sheets — I need to find time and money to load my truck up for some projects.