Base Cabinet Plans

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has a good file (or files) they used to cut base kitchen style cabinets? I am thinking about also modifying this to do shop cabinets without “floors” in the cabinets so items on wheels can roll under the top.

Thanks so much for any feedback!

Have a great Holiday Season.

Not exactly what you are looking for but maybe a help?

This is what I used as a basis for my shop cabinets/work surfaces.


@Griff That’s awesome!!! More then I was hoping for. I was just thinking of the base units to hold the work top. This is the whole enchilada!!!

Cool, glad you like it.

I really appreciate the flexibility. Each case serves as an individual work surface plus you can gang them together for larger projects. Also, I built a cabinet for my table saw to sit on, the top of the table is the same as the cases so easy in-feed/out-feed tables.

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