Basic DXF import question... what am I missing here?

Hello, New to CNC and I have been able to run a couple small 2D jobs which have been a great experience. This is first time taking a DXF and importing it into carbide create.

I’ve tried to zoom out, etc… and for whatever reason I can’t get the image to show up correctly. You can see that there is some info from the file uploaded, but, not sure why it looks the way it does. I know this is just a settings, etc issue… but I’m lost here.

I opened up the file in paint to make sure it’s not corrupted as well.


Please send the file in to us at and we’ll do our best to help puzzle this out.

I usually can fix problematic DXFs by opening them in LibreCAD and exporting as a MakerCAM SVG.

Thank you so much. Just sent…

Opening these in LibreCAD and exporting as SVGs results in:


when opened in Carbide Create 440.

ReindeerJumpingGrunge.c2d (1.5 MB) ReindeerJumpingSilhouette.c2d (202.8 KB)

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