Batch Editing Toolpaths, Multi-Select, and Others

Some suggestions to the toolpath navigation and editing experience.

Batch Editing Toolpaths

Because of the way CC generates the G-code and path that the cutter follows, there’s always inefficient rapids and random cuts that are generated. The best way I can explain it is it basically moves from top to bottom and starts the next cut at the next lowest location (if that makes any sense). Anyway, when I have complex components, I prefer to group all my cuts together by component so the machine isn’t going wild all over the place and only concentrates on a single part at a time. I’ve also done this to mitigate static shorts or other machine interruptions/E-brakes during a long cut as I can return to where the program left of by finding the individual components that were completed and simple disabling them upon start up again. Previously I’d have to re-run the entire long cut because the cuts were seemingly random and I couldn’t pick up where I left off which left unnecessary duplicative air cuts.

The downside is that I have to create groups of similar toopaths (all contours of each components, all carves of each component). When I have to make a tweak to speeds, feeds, or DOC I have to go into each and every tool path to make the edit. This multiplies my edits my the number of components I have, which adds up very fast. I want the ability to batch edit similar cuts to change all variables like selected tool, DOC, feeds, etc.


In a similar vein as the above, I want the ability to select multiple toolpaths and move them up/down the cut list together or move multiple tool paths into a group. Right now I can only do that 1-by-1, which as outlined above is cumbersome and frustrating at times.

Tool Path Group Collapsing and Variable Toolpath Window Size

When you collapse a toopath group, then go edit another toolpath and close out, the previously collapsed toolpath group is re-opened. As outlined above, when I go to edit a lot of tool paths, constantly scrolling down and finding my place again is annoying. This could be solved by saving the state of collapse AND/OR by having the ability to make the toolpath window longer similar to how you can widen the toolpath pane. This is especially true for users with larger monitors that could use the extra space.


I like to throw in another ask for Toolpaths - when duplicating a toolpath, add it to the same group as the original. Right now the duplicate seems to just drop to the last toolpath group.

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Yes, or duplicate it right below the selected toolpath so it’s easy to see that it was.

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