Bathroom Robe Hook

A friend requested a robe/towel hook for her bathroom. She plays guitar and requested treble themed hook. I made the prototype from an upcycled coat rack I bought at Dirt Cheap. This is just mdf and she approved. Waiting for wood choice.

The base is 4" by 6".


Here is the finished product.

Edit: Dirt Cheap is a store that sells the returns and salvage from Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot etc… They sell a little bit of everything. You have to look over things very well because there are no returns. This was a White Coat Rack with these chrome hooks. The coat rack itself was trash but there was nothing wrong with the coat hooks. I think I paid $9.00 for the whole thing which would have been cheaper than the coat hooks themselves.

Here is the piece without the coat hanger. The two holes for the hollow wall hangers are recessed in the front and the back. The hollow wall hangers protrude from the wall a little bit so I wanted the wood part to be flush against the wall.

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Here it is hung and in use. I mailed it with instructions on how to mount it and with a little level I got at Lowes. I included the hollow wall anchors with screw and the proper drill bit. The drill bit was left over from a previous batch of the hollow wall hangers. I had made the two hanging holes exactly 2.5".

I have made several things that hang on the wall and gifted them to friends and family. I always mark the back of the project with the spacing. I sometimes use key holes and in this case through recessed holes for hollow wall hangers. If you go through all the trouble to make something do not rely on people having the things they need to hang it. Either it never gets hung up or hung improperly.


Simple and useful. A great item for your friend.

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