Beer Caddy Shapeoko XXL

Made on my Shapeoko XXL for a friend. Designed in OnShape then imported into CC.


Nice work. I have to make 4 of these for my Nephews wedding. He is giving them as groomsmen gifts. Did you paint the board with the lettering black then sand off most of it to get that finish?

I really like the way you cut out the holes for the beer bottles rather than the usual partitions that others use. I’m new to CNC and not familiar with On Shape software.

Thank you. You could have easily designed this in Carbide Create. I’m just used to 3D modeling and I find it easier to ensure all my dimensions are correct and also to visualize the final design.

I engraved the logo and then painted it black. Then sand to get back down to the natural wood on the surface leaving the lettering black. I fastened with 3/8 dowel rod and glue. The handle is epoxy mixed with saw dust to fill the dog bones and lock in place. I also took a 1/4 in rounding router to the handle for a comfortable grip. Next time I will probably make the height a bit shorter.

I then took a blow torch to all the surfaces to give it a rustic burnt look. Finally sprayed with laquer. Would have preferred a poly coat but ran out of time. I screwed a bottle opener on the otherside.


Thanks for the inspiration.