Beginner projects

I was supposed to receive my machine today. I am both excited and apprehensive. I just want to say thank-you in advance for any help you, the forum community, will provide to me.

How hard would it be for the community to put together some beginner projects that a novice could run in order to learn about their machine. Simple projects like a tic-tac-toe game, a maze, a map, etc. a dozen or so of these projects would be great to share on this board for someone just getting started.

Hopefully the admin could create a space for some projects.


Time was the instructions finished w/ a coaster:

The current official tutorials: include making clamps

The wiki lists a number of additional projects: EDIT: and has a section listing plans:

EDIT: Since the above was written, has been launched and is now an excellent source of projects.

EDIT: see the workflow page for some more tutorials incl. videos:


Thank-you. I did not realize the other resources were available.

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