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When starting a program, my machine moves to the front near the Bitsetter then asks me to put in the bit for the program. I put the bit in then it measures it. From there, it goes to max Z, then directly to box zero or position X0 Y0. Is there a way to specify the path to relative position X0 Y0 from the Bitsetter? If I have clamps in the way the bit will hit them and I would like to program a safe route from the Bitsetter to the work piece X0 Y0.

The other issues is when the program ends, the machine moves to Z max, then Y max. Z max is great and what I want. Y max is again not good because the bit could hit a clamp. Is there a way to make it stop after Z max and not have it send the router to Y max? I use Fusion 360 and I updated the post processor to Safe Retracts: Clearance Height and it removed the home command from the G code. Now it just goes to safe clearance height, turns off coolant, and ends the program. So I don’t know why the routers is moving streight back when it finishes the program as I don’t see anything in the g code telling it to do so. The end of my G code is attached. Thanks!

CC does not allow you to skip areas where clamps are. Alternatively you could secure your project down with painters tape and super glue. Then there are no clamps in the way. You could use the super glue and tape and hold it down temporarily with your clamps but remove them before starting cutting. Another alternative is cam clamps and put your retract height above them if cutting thin material. The same thing would apply to the tiger claw and gator tooth clamps sold by C3D just make your retract height clear them.

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