Belt and pulley upgrade

Can I upgrade my belt and pulley system to the large set like what’s on the pro?

Hi @rcamber,

I guess a short answer could be : “possibly, but you probably shouldn’t”.

There is no official upgrade path to do it, and it will not be a simple upgrade, since you would need to change stepper motors too to get longer shafts too to accomodate the 15mm pulley/belts.

This is being discussed in this other thread:

Just upgrading to 15mm belts on a stock Shapeoko may not be interesting anyway, since you would then likely be limited by other factors in the machine, depending on your usage. There is a subtle balance between parts, the Shapeoko has its own consistency, the Shapeoko Pro has its own (higher rigidity) design point, and mixing and matching is likely to be a costly way to end-up with an unbalanced machine.

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Thanks for your reply :+1: