Belt replacements

i have shapeoko 3 with zaxis updrade can i order new belts my x axis belt broke. i bought the replacement kit a year ago so i have the newer belts

We have a Maintenance Kit which has belts:

The belts are Gates GT2 profile 2mm pitch 9mm wide for an SO3 — you can order them from specialty shops such as BB Man., SDP/SI, or Texas Belting — specialty 3D printer shops such as Filastruder may have them as well.

i just need the belts

Then order from BB Man., SDP/SI, or Texas Belting or Filastruder.

can you provide the specs for the belt it is the 9mm Material Type, etc

Fiberglass reinforced (which is I believe the only material available from those vendors).

Some folks have tried kevlar from other companies.

i need to know the number of teeth when i try bbman

Number of teeth only applies to closed loop belts — you want to order open ended.

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